In Brief

BME Solutions provides an array of professional service along with great expectations and assured quality. Despite attaining the business objectives of our most sophisticated clients, we welcome clients of all magnitudes and from all industries with reasonable fees and still delivers the same promptness and high standards. BME Solutions’ clients receive superior attention and choice from a list of quality products and services. Our vast experience with different industries and case studies, coupled with a global presence, yields a unique market presence in our blue ocean strategy, which promises to serve your firm well. market awareness which will serve your firm well.

Service Guaranteed

BME Service Guarantee ensures that we adhere to our philosophy of what it means by success. To us, your utmost satisfaction reflects our efforts in helping to attain your success. BME Solutions pledges to walk alongside with you to achieve fully functional, legal and tax efficient financial framework for your business. This lays the foundation for building a long-term and profitable journey together. 60% of our new clients come to us via existing clientele referrals and we are very grateful for this repetitive trend, that sets us in place for even better things in the future to reciprocate our clients in terms of knowledge based advisory and process improvements capture across best practices. Our clients are individuals, in partnerships, in family-owned business, or multi-national corporations which we have successfully managed their local, regional or global financial accounting end to end. For offshoring company incorporations, we skew our queries and doubts to ensure completeness in understanding your business schematics and derive proposals from the facts we gathered, generally across locales and tax havens, various law jurisdiction and legalities, and of course the nuances and extras. We sincerely offer a money-back guarantee as our unwavering commitment in providing you that essential head-start.

Mission Statement & Values

BME Solutions endeavors to be consistent in how we conduct our global business in a professional and ethical manner. We set out our corporate mission statement together with the values we adopt in our daily interaction with you.