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BME Solutions was humbly established in 2015. We have a team of professionals with unsurpassed passion and devotion to all things accounting and financing. Engagement with our CPA/CFA and MBA-certified professionals, who are habitual in being proactive while religiously practicing in the ever-changing landscape of financial rules and regulations, gives us an edge, up against other major players in the business at favorably affordable rates. With our vast experience in the different client sizes and industries, we are street savvy enough to advise how to best protect and manage your business assets.


How we work:

Free Consultation

Email or call us for a free consultation in uncovering your business’ financial gaps, as well as determining the on-going rules and regulations which you must critically apply now!

Fair Fees

Define a structural approach and costing model for your financial and accounting needs.

Quality Representation

Initiate our sustainable partnership with apt responsiveness from our client care team and our firm’s accountability towards your business’ growth and capitalism.


Client Testimonials

" BME Solutions has provided us with a comprehensive suite of services and helped our startup through the incorporation journey and corporate secretarial work. Their fees are reasonable and they are very professional. I think they have done a good job! "


"Professionally disseminate excellent synergy after e-business process improvements. Enthusiastically scale premium methods of empowerment after inexpensive data. Globally integrate magnetic testing procedures via flexible leadership skills. Interactively mesh standards compliant intellectual capital without timely collaboration and idea-sharing"

Rhonda Biel


Our Accountants

Jon Tan

As an approachable advisor to BME’s clients, Jon addresses their doubts and concerns in a patient and professional manner. He is empathetic of situations and often resolute to conquer those annoying knots positively, to ensure everything is in good hands. With his stout business acumen and an MBA in the pockets, clients grew faith on what he can produce and that allows a sturdier and more trusting business relationships.

Stella Wong

Stella has a highly adaptable character which can handle a multitude of problems with creativity in problem solving. She is impeccably meticulous and puts in a 101% effort for BME’s clients. She holds a Degree in Accounting with CA qualification and has been pursuing accountancy nirvana for the past 10 years.

We pledge

We will honor the spirit and intent, as well as the requirements, of the applicable rules or code of professional conduct for our jurisdiction, and we will encourage others to do the same.


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