We Make ‘Setting up A Company in Singapore’ a Very Easy Affair

Every entrepreneur is looking at setting up a company of his or her own. In a country like Singapore where the economy is stable, businessmen need not worry about being able to sell their products or services. The population here has a good purchasing capacity.

Singapore is a regional trading hub where businessmen from other countries also come to purchase goods to sell in their country. Singapore has always been the one to introduce the latest international products. The nation has shown the way in adopting new technologies and accepting new products. People from other nations look up to Singapore when it comes to the latest international trends. Your business can attract many traders from other countries looking for new products.

The government of Singapore is highly in favor of private enterprise. The government encourages and offers tax breaks and exemptions. These are very useful for any new business. Furthermore, the process of registering and incorporating your company is very straightforward and transparent. That makes setting up a company in Singapore a very easy affair.

We Help You Constantly Focus On Your Core Business

Other advantages include the availability of excellent infrastructure. It is very easy to import goods to Singapore from other nations due to the excellent port facilities. There are also good and efficient logistics companies taking care of all the warehousing and distribution of goods in the island nation.

The one thing that could be a reason for concern when setting up a business in Singapore is the procedure of registering and incorporating your company. Though the process is straightforward, there are certain formalities that need to be completed. For a new businessman, it could prove a daunting task. As you don’t have the expertise or experience in the procedures, it is better to get an agency to get the company incorporated. This will avoid unnecessary waste of time on your side. It will also help to get all the procedures done correctly and the company incorporated as per the laws of the land.

Have the Smoothest Company Incorporation in Singapore with BME Solutions

For anyone to run a business in Singapore you need to first register the name of the company and incorporate the company. Company incorporation in Singapore has a few steps to be completed. The first step is to register the name of the company. You have to submit your name to the ACRA and get it approved. This is to ensure that your company name is not already taken by others, and it is not a name that is vulgar or obscene. It is better to submit 3-4 names so that even if one gets rejected another one will get approved.

BME Solutions can get your company name registered easily. We will do a free search for available names. The whole procedure is made easy for you as we have the experts in this job. As we are a company experienced in getting companies incorporated in Singapore, be assured that we can complete the procedures smoothly and get the work done easily.

With good experience and knowledge in corporate services, we can advise you properly as to what type of company will be most suitable for you. BME Solutions has the best company incorporation services in Singapore that you have ever seen. All you need to do is to sign the required documents. We will ensure that your company is incorporated abiding by all the rules pertaining to companies in Singapore.

When you trust the incorporation work to us, you can free up more time for the development of the business. Being a new company, you will certainly have a lot of things to do. You may attend to those duties while BME Solutions will do the best incorporation services Singapore can ever offer you.

Incorporation Package
  • Sole-Proprietorship & Partnership
  • S$ 200
  • S$ 200 Flat Fee for Sole-Proprietorship Business
  • S$ 200 for Partnership Business - Max 2 individuals
  • **Additional individual at S$ 100 each
  • Private Limited Company
  • S$ 300
  • S$ 300 flat fee
  • unlimited local resident Director / Shareholder
  • + S$ 300 per non-resident Director / Shareholder
  • + S$ 300 per Corporate Shareholder
  • All ACRA fee are excluded from the above.
  • * Any on-site requirement is billed at S$ 50 per trip.